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The double decker.

Halve your drying area and double your dish drying potential. Use both levels for drying or move up the draining board to save counter space below for storing sink accessories or washing vegetables. Packed with fun features like hanging hooks, a rotating water spout, and a moveable utensil tray.


Halve your drying area and double your dish drying potential. This popular drying rack is packed with customizable features, like a self-draining, adjustable water spout and moveable hooks for hanging awkward utensils. The removable tray can be inserted at two levels. Choose between a second level for drying dishes, or install it at the higher level, creating open space below.

  • The dish rack is made from steel while the utensil holder and removable tray are made from durable ABS plastic.
  • The draining spout rotates 360 degrees, allowing it to be directed into your sink.
  • Draining tray can be placed in two positions, allowing for extra drying space below the wired drying rack, or to free up countertop space below it.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Product Features – Adjustable, Draining Spout, Drain Stopper, Utensil Holder, Water Resistant
  • Maximum weight: Basket: 17.6 lbs. Lower tray: 11 lbs.
Materials: Steel, ABS Resin, Silicone
Dimensions: 33cm H x 41cm W x 22cm D
Weight: 2.2 Kilograms
Load bearing capacity: Basket: 17.6 lbs. Lower tray: 11 lbs.
Assembly: None
Includes: Cutlery Holder, 3x Hooks
Care instructions: Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth, and wipe dry.
Certifications: BPA-FREE
Designed in Japan
Manufactured in China

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 41 × 22 cm

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