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  • The best way to store handbags. It can be hung up inside the closet or on the door, or simply be attached to the wall with screws. The components are removable so you can customize the size to your liking.
  • A waterfall of handbags! Display your bags in a beautiful, waterfall formation instead of having them collect dust on the top shelf. Or worse, save them from getting crushed. This handbag organizer can be hung in the closet, hooked onto a door, or screwed into a wall. Each link is removable, so you can customize the size according to the number of bags you have (we’re guessing a lot!).
  • Cube Door Stopper

    $11.95 (inc. GST)
    Floor-mounted Door Stop made of silicone
  • Door Stopper Sticks

    $11.95 (inc. GST)
    Floor-mounted Door Stop made of silicone
  • Favori Storage Caddy

    $69.95 (inc. GST)
    A tinkerer's toolbox. When tinkering around the house, you’ll want one of these storage boxes in every room. With a sleek, wooden handle and a lightweight bin, this toolbox is both pretty and practical. Perfect for storing tools, cleaning supplies, toys, or anything else that needs to be collected in one spot.
  • Katori Pot

    $49.95 (inc. GST)
    The Katori Pot Mosquito Coil Holder is made of Sueki-type porcelain, which is used for a range of wares in Japan.
  • We’re hooked on this!

    The classic Tosca look—where warm ash wood accents meet clean white lines—is now available for doorway decor! These over-the-door hooks are stylish, minimalist, and just plain fun! Spice up your closet or entryway decor with some hanging organization.

  • -20%

    Phone and Tablet Stand – Aluminum

    $39.95 (inc. GST)
    Now this deserves a standing ovation. What’s better than a tablet stand? A tablet stand that accommodates up to 6 devices, of course! Create a charging station for the whole family, or for your own suite of electronics. Pile on the smartphones, e-readers, tablets, and more. The minimalist design has a small footprint and is perfect for any countertop.
  • Plain Coat Rack – Steel

    $179.95 (inc. GST)
    The coat rack voted most likely to be mistaken for a tree. One of the most beautiful coat racks you’ll find. The warm wooden pegs and Scandinavian aesthetic lend a natural feel that will light up your room. Don’t worry about piling on the coats, as this steel-coated coat rack has a weighted base designed to keep everything perfectly stationary.
  • -10%
    High-five to a low end table! Now that’s a cute end table! Designed to pair with lower bed frames, this 14-inch tall side table provides extra surface area and a storage shelf for your end-of-day essentials. Thanks to its low frame, this storage table would also make the perfect end table for a child’s room. Pack some bedtime stories into the storage shelf to keep nearby and an alarm clock on top to perfect the look.
  • You love glittering necklaces, rings and bracelets and proudly display your jewelry collection, no matter how big or small? Then, you will surely appreciate the extra three levels of storage space offered by this practical Accessory Case. Each tray is lightweight, compact, and can also be used separately to accommodate all your gorgeous jewelry. In their stacked state and covered with the beautiful wooden lid, they take up very little space and make an elegant feature in your home. The ideal setting for glamour and glitz.
  • Sewing Box

    $119.95 (inc. GST)
    This is the best way to store sewing items stylishly without taking up too much place. The combination of wood and steel adds a modern charm to any room. Thanks to the handle it is also easy to move around.
  • Snap it up before it’s too late! This simple over-the-door hook folds up when not in use, minimizing its footprint and disappearing into your doorway. Useful for adding hanging space to any room in a sleek, discreet way.
  • Smart Over-the-Door Rack

    $29.95 (inc. GST)
    Over the door, over the moon! This simple over-the-door hook is a classic addition to any door. Whether drying towels in the bathroom, hanging coats in the entryway, or holding your robe in the bedroom, this strong metal rack won’t let you (slip) down. Convenient, stylish, sturdy. Let’s get organized.
  • Over the door, over the moon! This simple over-the-door hook is a classic addition to any door. Whether drying towels in the bathroom, hanging coats in the entryway, or holding your robe in the bedroom, this strong metal rack won’t let you (slip) down. Convenient, stylish, sturdy. Let’s get organized.
  • First time catching feelings for a basket?

    This simple, sturdy basket really has it all: stylish, sturdy, simple. Its minimalist design and strong steel frame make it a handy tool for keeping loose items tidy, upright, and protected anywhere in the home. These pretty baskets are popular for organizing pantries, too.

  • Store your favourite accessories stylishly with this organizer. Its unique form enables you to store your watches and accessories like in a boutique. Use the tray to stow away glasses and smaller items such as rings.
  • Mirror, mirror on the vanity. A storage mirror-cle for all your jewels. The two-tiered design allows for both chunky and delicate accessories to fit comfortably.
  • Bask in the beauty of this basket. This simple, stylish, slim basket is fantastic for saving space while making the house cleaner and neater. The rectangular shape of the basket makes it an ideal match for some items of unique shape, like slippers or hand towels. Pairs perfectly with our other Tosca baskets of various sizes.
  • Tosca Stacked Jewelry Box

    $27.00 (inc. GST)

    Swing into style.

    With a swivel and a slide, store all of your beloved accessories and trinkets in one chic holder. This organizer is taller and constraints more trays, allowing separate compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Let your baubles shimmer, sparkle, and shine in this open-topped organizer, or use the wooden lid to protect from dust.

  • Tosca Stacked Jewelry Box

    $29.95 (inc. GST)
    Stack it, Spin it, Bop it! Okay, it doesn’t bop, but this tiered jewelry organizer will protect your beloved baubles and precious pearls in four compact compartments. Fan out the trays to make your accessory selection when you’re getting ready to slay the day (or night).
  • Tosca Storage Basket

    $49.95 (inc. GST)
    This simple, sturdy basket with only one wooden handle, really has it all: stylish, sturdy, simple. Its minimalist design and strong steel frame make it a handy tool for keeping loose items tidy, upright and protected anywhere in the home. These pretty baskets are popular for organizing pantries, too.
  • A hole-in-one kind of caddy.

    A beautiful storage caddy that will have you admiring your countertops. A multipurpose steel tote with wooden handle like this is an excellent way to declutter and store smaller items around the home. Try pairing with our larger version to complete the set!

  • You will be organizing shoes galore with this 6-tier beauty. As practical as she is pretty, this rack also comes with clip hooks for hanging umbrellas and a beautiful wooden tabletop for catch-all trays or decoration. Don't worry about taking up too much space, with a minimalist metal frame, this shoe rack even offers a small footprint. Ready to get your shoe storage off on the right foot?
  • This accessory stand can hold different kinds of jewellery and sunglasses, with room on the high bar for necklaces, and a lower bar for watches and bracelets. Contains a tray at the bottom for rings, and other small items.
  • Lean into a tidier home. Easily transform any wall into artful decoration using your own favorite accessories. Prop this catch-all ladder against a living room wall as a canvas for throw blankets and linens, or in the bedroom for clothes, hats, scarves, and more. You’ll find endless uses for this slim, space-saving blanket ladder. Better yet, you’ll thank yourself for creating easy, clutter-slaying routines for keeping clothes off the floor.
  • Bringing a lot to the table. Loose items floating around your desk drive you crazy? Create a designated spot for those items always floating around your desk or dresser. This simple organizer has a base tray for housing odds and ends. Loop watches, bracelets, or rubber bands around the arm and prop up taller items in the compartments. Toss loose change or accessories into the bottom tray at the end of the night. A useful companion for an office desk, dresser, or nightstand.
  • You’ll get a kick out of this.

    As the little ones learn to balance on two wheels, give them a place to park their bikes upright and hang their helmets. Little habits like this teach children how to stay organized through routine. As an added plus, this bike and helmet stand takes up minimal space in your home, so it won’t get in the way.
  • Wall to wall coat storage. We’re not all blessed with sufficient closet space! This movable, minimalist rack is perfect for a bedroom or guest room lacking in the closet department. Simply lean this rack against an open wall to create hanging space for coats or clothing. The warm, minimal design suits any space, and the no-slip base keeps the rack in place. Alternatively, try this item as a small-footprint coat rack in an entryway or hallway and watch the compliments roll in.
  • Fashion meets function. Add a stylish, instagramable touch of decoration to any room. Use each of the ladder rungs to hang and display clothing, accessories, or blankets. The shelf placement is adjustable for maximum flexibility. No wall mounting required. Simply lean the silicone-gripped feet against the wall and decorate.
  • For when "narrow" describes your entryway

    Bring a touch of style and elegance to the most narrow of entryways. If your entryway is less than spacious, but you still could use some organization, try out this entryway organizer with the most minimal of footprints. Hang umbrellas from the lower hooks along the edge, while still having room for a key tray or knick-knack.

  • Let the shampoo out of the bottle.

    Elevate your bathroom look with these minimalist, reusable dispensers and never look back. You carefully choose every other item in your bathroom to fit your decor, so why not your shower decor? Match your shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles and step back to admire your handiwork.

  • Tower Stacked Jewelry Box

    $29.95 (inc. GST)
    Forget me knot. This delightfully dainty, tiered jewelry tower features four surprisingly roomy, swivel-out compartments. Fan out and nestle in precious stones and strands to keep them tucked away and tangle-free.
  • This smart rack can hold a tablet as well as remote controls or mobile phones to organize your living room.
  • Veil Trash can

    $89.95 (inc. GST)

    Some serious trash talk.

    This sleek, minimal trash can offers much more than meets the eye. The slanted opening was integrated to hide unsightly trash within. An interlocking design pins your trash bag in place while simultaneously hiding the unattractive bin liner. Finally, a handle at the back makes for easy emptying. It’s just so clever!

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