• Tosca Stacked Jewelry Box

    $27.00 (inc. GST)

    Swing into style.

    With a swivel and a slide, store all of your beloved accessories and trinkets in one chic holder. This organizer is taller and constraints more trays, allowing separate compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Let your baubles shimmer, sparkle, and shine in this open-topped organizer, or use the wooden lid to protect from dust.

  • Peppers, parsnips, potatoes? You got it, Spud.

    These storage baskets are great for compartmentalizing vegetables, whether in the crisper, cabinets, or counters. Movable dividers will separate your produce nicely. Save room by stacking baskets on top of each other. Don’t worry about smothering or stifling your vegetables: the baskets are designed to keep your vegetables fresh by allowing air to flow with mesh sidings and raised bottoms.

  • Veil Trash can

    $89.95 (inc. GST)

    Some serious trash talk.

    This sleek, minimal trash can offers much more than meets the eye. The slanted opening was integrated to hide unsightly trash within. An interlocking design pins your trash bag in place while simultaneously hiding the unattractive bin liner. Finally, a handle at the back makes for easy emptying. It’s just so clever!

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